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Timothy James "TJ" Raymond ([personal profile] tj_ray) wrote2011-08-18 08:19 am
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Charloft Thursday - Work Ethic

"Hey, man, your uncle's gone. Let's cut out early."

TJ looked at his friend. "But we're not done."

"So? We've done enough."

TJ frowned and shook his head. "Uncle Jim wanted us to get this section done before we went home. He just told us that."

"It's not like he'll fire you," Jet said, grinning and pulling out a joint. "C'mon, you know he's not gonna care."

"Maybe and maybe not, but I care." TJ shrugged. "You can go home and I'll just finish without you."

Jet scowled and pocketed the joint again. "Wuss."

TJ chuckled. "Get back to work."