tj_ray: (black and white)
Timothy James "TJ" Raymond ([personal profile] tj_ray) wrote2011-07-25 09:09 pm


TJ rolls over with a sigh and opens his eyes. He can hear Shy talking to someone in the living room and figures he must be on his phone. He wonders if he's checking in with Orlando or maybe even trying to work things out.

"Oops, phone," TJ softly mutters to himself, remembering that he's had his own cell phone off since the early part of the day. He reaches for it and turns it on, a little surprised when he sees that Orlando called him. After checking the time of the call, he frowns as he listens to the message.

"Man, I hope you're talking to him now, Shy," TJ murmurs, walking out of the room so he can eavesdrop on his friend. When he hears that Shy's actually talking to his friend Tom, he quickly retreats to the bedroom and calls Orlando back.

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