tj_ray: (little smile)
Timothy James "TJ" Raymond ([personal profile] tj_ray) wrote2011-07-21 01:42 pm

Charloft Thursday - Work

"TJ, can you and Jet finish up that job on Crestview by Friday?" TJ's Uncle Jim asks.

"I think Jet's out of town until next week."

Jim frowns. "Damn. I can't be there and you can't do it alone."

"Well, the stuff that still needs to be done isn't much, right? I know someone who'd be willing to help."



"I'd hate to impose on him."

"Not me. I bet he'd love the chance to lend a hand."

"Okay, but you've got to promise you'll actually get the work done and not smoke all day."

"I promise," TJ laughs.

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